Demon Names in Horror Movies


Horror movies bring forth excitement and terrifying fun to everyone. Some of the movies that people watch are horror movies. Movies with demons in it never gets you bored when watching. Demons are scary but if you are one of those people who enjoys reading demonic stuff and wants to know more about them deeply then you are in the right place. With each demon there some references they get the names from.

Valac is the first one on the list of popular demon names. If this name is familiar to you then you have definitely watched the Conjuring movie or The Nun. This demon has been materialized as a winged child riding a two headed dragon not the nun that you have watched in the movies. This demon is referred to as someone to gives “true answers to hidden treasures”, which is from The Lesser Key of Solomon. Valac is also known as someone who take charge of 38 legions and demons which totally makes this demon quite the diplomat.Find more about horror movies now.

Everyone knows about Satan which is in fact pretty popular because its power. Written in the historical scriptures and until now, Satan also known as Lucifer is the strongest and wisest demon in the world. If you are looking for a demonic counterpart that is powerful that no demon can overthrow then you you are definitely looking for Lucifer. Lucifer also is a fallen angel.

If you have read about a demon creature with a head of an elephant, a tail of a look and having a body of a sea monster then you are definitely referring to Behemoth. This demon is the one who punishes those who have sinned. Its roar is so powerful that for many years made the world peaceful. Make sure to view this website for more info about horror movies

The great demon Lucifer might be the strongest but there is also a demon that is almost similar to Satan which is Azazel. It is also a fallen angel that comes in the form of a billy goat. This demon is in the desert and a leader of the fallen angels. Know more about horror at

You can be sure to read some demon names that might have intrigued you in here. If you are looking for a demonic counterpart, researching demon names might be fun and exciting at the same time. Those demon names above are interesting which is pretty scary also. You need to be careful in saying their names or else it might get you in so much trouble.


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